Sunday, July 26, 2009

weekend report

What a blessing to be able to take vacation and know that in no way is the quality of our services compromised! My team is the BEST - I'd put them up against any ministry! Thanks guys!

Our Setlist:

How Great Thou Art - Paul Baloche
Glorified - New Life

Special Music: Waiting on the World To Change - Mayer

message: Flip This House Pt. 2 (our youth guy- Mr. amazing!) Jesse Rider

Special Interview: Alex Kuenzli - is a high school student who created a soccer equipment giveaway ministry for missions organizations overseas called Soccer Kicks 4 Kids. Primarily to support our Crossroads mission partners, Asia's Hope and GYMN. It is taking off and she has been asked to speak all over our community - Pastor Jesse used this testimony at the end of his message to demonstrate how families can be creative in their approach to teaching their kids how to serve God. Great illustration!

What a blessing to see our ministry really begin to embrace others around the world!

To see what other ministries across America used in their services, go to FredMckinnon's site.

To watch our services on line, click here on Monday! May God richly bless your week!


jendakerr said...

Glad you got to take vacation.. we all need that.. so fun that you are doing Mayer for special music.. that would really rock!

Anonymous said...

Whew, we all need a break occasionally! Love the set list this week and sounds like the service was a great one! Keep it up!

David said...

Our youth have been talking about doing Waiting on the World to Change for a while, but keep deciding on other Beat It :)

They'll get there eventually though.

Maybe when I'm next on vacation - haha

Me... said...

Love Glorified by New Life. Great song

Kip Arnold said...

Was just thinking about "Waiting..." just the other day! That is so wild! How did it go over?

Thanks for posting,


Lori Biddle said...

Kip - it went over very, very well. The reason was we had the perfect guy to sing it (couldn't just be anyone...) and because it was so thematic to the teaching and other elements of the service! Do it!

Anonymous said...

That's cool that you're mentoring others. Very cool...and biblical. Have a great rest of the week.

dennarr said...

Vaca's Rock! I agree, it is a blessing to have depth in the team.

I really like Baloche's version of How Great Thou Art - we do it too! If Today is the Doerksen song - another good one!

Anonymous said...

Totally cool that you did "Waiting on the world". Hope your vacation is a great one.

Perky Gramma Teaches said...

Mayer: Yes!