Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend report

Church was just not this much fun when I was a girl! Great worship (wonderful harmonies) and well thought out transitions (I love it when we prepare well so we can 'get out of the way' and the Spirit takes it to the next level!), and hilarious thematic videos and well done teaching by our Youth Guy, Jesse Rider! Great to be at church today.

Our Setlist:

For Who You Are - Free Chapel (love this new one!)
Everlasting God
As For Me


Special: New Attitude (the oldie!)

Reading from Charles Swindoll: (this tied the special to the message so well!)

Message - Flip This House
(message contained segments of "Jaywalking" and the famous YouTube video
"Charlie Bit Me!" )

Ending Worship: Draw Me Close

So many compliments, so much fun, I think the Lord was pleased with everyone's excellent work today!

If you want to see what other ministries around the country did over the weekend, click here.


Marina said...

Who does "As For Me"? I love the rest of the songs! Draw Me Close has recently become a new/old favorite!

Anonymous said...

It always feels great when you come out of a service and you know that people really connected to God! Grewat songs this week - we did Everlasting God as well.

Anonymous said...

Fun church??!!??!! We've confused reverence with depressed, haven't we? Sounds like a great service, y'all had.

Lori Biddle said...'re hilarious! Well put!

Anonymous said...

Love it when church is fun! Wish it always felt that way :)