Thursday, July 9, 2009


We have 4 drivers in our family. Two cars so old they are about to fall apart - one without brakes, one driven off the edge of the road by a friend and now not running right, one with a crunched parking lot 'not our fault' back-end and one that is fine. I HATE taking care of cars!

We are constantly trying to figure out when it is no longer worth investing more in repairs, yet the alternative is buying another one - that is even worse!

Sometimes I feel like the people around me are in similar shape. Some are beat up by life, some need replaced parts and a few look good, at least on the outside. It is hard to judge who needs us the most, who to invest our time in and sometimes if there is anything God can even use us to do for them at all. A difficult balance but one we must seek.

Time spent serving others will last for eternity - long after our cars have turned to rust!

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