Friday, July 3, 2009


Have you ever noticed how sad celebrities are overall? In human moments we may wish to have what they have, wealth, popularity - but the deep sadness in their eyes...

As I watch the Micheal Jackson pictures and videos - he seems so empty - honestly, I feel deeply sad about his passing.

A few days ago before his death, I was wondering if it is ever possible to speak to or find direct emails to any of the big Hollywood stars? I wonder if we gained access to them, if we could make them understand how much God cares about them. I wonder if we could convince them that we have what they are searching for? It seems when they have reached the pinnacle of stardom they soon discover there is nothing left, nothing higher to pursue. So just as they achieve the highest possible accomplishment, the thing they have given up everything for, they realize it can never satisfy them. How horrible that must be - to chase an empty dream!

I wonder if our paths crossed if they could see in our eyes that we are different and desire to know what it is within us that satisfies us, completes us and makes life worth living? My heart breaks for them. They truly seem unreachable.

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