Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Final Christmas report

The flu took our family down after Christmas - so I'm just getting around to posting all the pictures!

It was a great time of gathering together with 4,000 of our friends at Crossroads as we celebrated the birth of Christ!  This is a sample of what our nights contained as we worshipped the King!

To watch the entire service go to crossroadswired.com

                                  I found a professional Japanese dance performance on-line
                                  that used this kind of background and we found a designer that
                                  created it for us.

                                                                    Silent Night

                                                      Shawn and Milo rehearsing

                                                                Student drummers


                                                            Shepherds rehearsing

                                                                           Banjo !

                                                     Our drummer Michael was amazing!

                                                                 Yay tech team!

                                                            Camera 1 - oh yeah!

                                                Pentatonix has nothing on our team!

                                             We have an amazing staff - while some served in
                                                the auditorium, others treated the children
                                                       attending to special gift packs!

                                                    My handsome son-in-law made sure we
                                                      had perfect front-of-house audio!

                                           Ok, so we stole the idea of the drummers in the
                                         middle of our auditorium from King and Country!

iPads started this song!

                                           Dan's love of directing just can't be squelched!

                                                         Our amazing team serving!

                                                    Nick and Eric leading worship!

                                                So thankful for our talented singers!

To see what other ministries did last weekend in their services go to www.theworshipcommunity.com

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