Monday, December 15, 2014

my day off

Nothing is running this morning at our house except the quiet swish of my washing machine.  My hubby is with his riding buddies for their weekly breakfast.  No TV is on, no music, no lights - not even my tree lights are turned on and as I sit in my favorite 'inside' writing spot I'm surrounded outside by heavy fog.  It feels like my house is wrapped in a warm foggy blanket - keeping the outside world out for just a little while longer.  I like the quiet warmness and the distance from the world's hustle.

I'm sitting here also wrapped in thankfulness, my Christmas is taking on an order that makes me feel ready. Yesterday's Christmas rehearsal was far more gratifying than I anticipated.  Everyone came prepared and we pushed harder then ever before to even have tech ready at the same time music was.  It brings hope early to the process and will let us walk away with joy filled hearts that the Lord has once again allowed us the privilege of presenting Him to a lost world this Christmas season.

I pray now that the Lord moves in our people's hearts to bring their family and friends along with them next weekend to discover perhaps for the first time what Christmas really means.

I pray all of your Monday's will hold some quiet reflection time - He's waiting....

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