Wednesday, December 3, 2014

worshipping like David

It always interests me when I study about worship that David was God's choice to use as an example, especially of private worship.

David was a regular guy that had big struggles.  He struggled with lust, committed adultery and murder.  Still God called him a 'man after His own heart'.

If God had chosen a more perfect man to use to teach us about worship, we would have all given up.  Instead he shows us how a repentant heart is perhaps the ultimate form of worship to the Lord.

If you picture a young boy sent out to stay all alone in the middle of huge open land to guard sheep, you can understand the things he learned.

First of all, I'd be so terrified I would be hiding, so just BEING alone at night is impressive and demonstrates great trust in the Lord.  As a parent, sending your young son out in the night seems crazy!  Does it mean he considered the sheep more valuable than his son?  Can you imagine that young man defending the sheep against seemingly impossible foes at times?   What a demonstration of God caring for us!

But worshipping out there in the great wide open spaces is something I can definitely relate to.

Give me a sky full of stars and stillness and I find myself instantly in worship!  Can't you just see it as a falling star drops from the millions of others - David jumps to his feet in worship and wonder?  Dancing alone in the night surrounded by sheep!

So how do we compare in our worship to the Lord each day?

Why do we find it so difficult to remain in worship each day?  The wonder of our God gets buried under our stuff and busyness.   As we move through our days He waits longing for fellowship with the very creation He made to worship Him.  Can we give Him our worship today?

Join me in opening this day in prayer and dedicating our day to Him and let's see what opportunities of worship He lays in our path this day.  Picture David getting blown away by God's amazingness- dancing alone
out in that empty field and do a little dance of your own today!

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