Friday, December 26, 2014

my Christmas

I just crawled into bed, yet even though completely exhausted from doing 3 different family Christmas' in one day, I'm still wound up.

It's also the first time today that I've been alone since 7:00 a.m. to think and to thank.

I said thanks to everyone who gave me a gift today, everyone that cooked great food or hosted us, but I really want to spend some time thanking HIm.

I'm again undone when I focus on the fact that God created us, watched us pull away from Him and the only way He could repair the separation was to send His only Son for me.

I have one son, Eric.  He is everything that I've ever dreamed a son would be and If I force myself to imagine having to send him to do something that I knew would cost him his life, I know I could not do it.

Yet that is exactly what God did for me.

Thank you Lord, for the precious gift of your Son, thank you for the family you've given me and thank you that because of that tiny baby, I get to spend all of eternity in your presence.

I pray you recognized within your Christmas the eternal significance found only
in God's gift!

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