Sunday, December 21, 2014

reflections on preparing well

I watched a new team be born this year in preparation of our Christmas services.

Senior worship leaders mentoring younger worship leaders, faithful team members encouraging one another lending hours of their lives to prepare well, a technical team with a new leader solving problems and preparing earlier then ever before.  A new Pastor speaking to us even before he arrives using technology - also caring much about being part of this incredible opportunity to effect people for eternity.   Preparing well.

All God asks us for is our best.

And so tonight we all come together to offer as our Christmas gift to the Savior of the world, our preparation.

It is not just about what our team is ready to present...
-it's an entire ministry poised to welcome people as they arrive who may not have been in church for years, or ever...
-it's special treats for the children in attendance - carefully prepared by loving volunteers that value each child enough to interrupt their own busy Christmas preparations to give their offering of service to the Lord.
-It's volunteers cleaning so that our building God has given us is excellent before the Lord.
-It's men carefully placing each chair in the auditorium so that extras can be added
-it's each person taking hand-fulls of invite cards to invite their lost friends and neighbors
-and coffee hand-picked by the farmers we love in Guatemala all ground and ready to be served

This is His church preparing well

And tonight all of this preparation will become the service that begins the journey of the lost- toward a new born Savior.

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