Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 is gone

2014 is gone, but man was it ever full.

It was full of God granted moments to grow in Him, to know Him more - these moments happened at Crossroads, in Cambodia, at the STORY conference and the Willowcreek Leadership Summit.  Opportunities too many to list - but opportunities I don't take for granted.

We lost our founding pastor and his amazing family, but God gave us a great new pastor and family to take their place.  This family has been brought to us to lead us into 2015 and beyond and we're SO  ready.

God took some dear friends home to be with Him in 2014 and we miss them terribly, but He also gave some new lives that we have already come to cherish and are honored to begin to build into.

And as the year drew to an end - the final event of 2014 was Christmas at Crossroads.  I had the honor of sharing the night with many of my best friends and my family.

Christmas at Crossroads' final night/left to right
Eric Biddle, Jocelyn Biddle Nicolas, Aaron Nicolas and me
This event was the culmination of a year for me personally that I'll always remember.   Without a lead pastor it was really a different leadership experience. We were all forced to take even more ownership of every little detail then ever before, and everyone did.  Everyone stepped up big time!  It's been a blessing to be part of!!

So now together as family, as friends and fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord we've pushed through and we're ready to move into the next year - and I can hardly wait to get 2015 started!

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