Monday, December 8, 2014

my day off


My husband casually asked me if I'd like to accompany him to Lehman's Hardware Store in Amish Country and I said yes, and I'm so glad I did!

The only negative that happened all day long was when this guy - the founder of Lehman's, I guess Mister Lehman, walked by right when I was saying to Ron, "man, these prices are a lot higher than I anticipated..."  Open mouth, insert foot...he just kept walking!  I'm sure hubby was proud...
Well, at least I bought a couple things to make up for it!

He also took me to an Amish buffet and two of my favorite clothing stores in the world!  What a guy!!  Needless to say, he ended up not buying anything except a match holder for the barn, and I'm the one that did the shopping - happy to accommodate!

Tomorrow we take a trip to Ashland, my home town for a while to have breakfast with my parents and then who knows what!  So fun.

It's these kinds of days that make me really love my days off and I thanked the Lord as we drove for the gift of His son this Christmas season, an awesome husband,  an amazing new pastor and his family and all the great work I get to be involved in at Crossroads!

I pray you all get a restful great day off too very soon!

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