Sunday, October 19, 2014

weekend report


Crossroads was hopping this weekend and so filled with the Holy Spirit I can hardly describe it!

silhouettes of our amazing team
It is possible to teach on super difficult subjects while carefully proclaiming that any sin can be forgiven by the God who created the universe.   The ache He must feel as He watches His creation make terribly decisions and then suffer under the guilt and regret the decisions bring...And still He loves us, forgives us and calls us His own...amazing.

Our setlist:

The Lord Reigns - Gateway
Jesus Loves Me - Tomlin
One Thing Remains - Stanfill
Oceans - Hillsong
Video: Choose Life - SermonSpice
Message:  Choose Life - Pastor Brian Boone
Special Music:  Tears Fall

artists painting the final addition to our silent auction

one of our high school groups

faithful volunteer Doug serving in our Elementary room

my hubby leading a new membership group

Chrystie on the final special of the day

Tears Fall - an amazing ending to our services

Sound-guy Aaron

couldn't resist the silhouette shots

Worship was so sweet

My favorite instrument on stage this weekend

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Have a blessed week!

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