Saturday, October 18, 2014

life keeps on moving

As I find myself sitting here in the video booth at Crossroads, waiting to cue up a video honoring a young woman's life that was taken by the horrible disease diabetes.

I too lost a 40 year old brother to this disease.  I absolutely hate what it does to the body it overtakes.

The thing that always catches my attention at any of these kinds of losses is the fact that life all around us just keeps on moving.  Totally unaffected by the hearts that mourn this morning.

While people inside Crossroads struggle to make sense of a life cut so short -- people beside us buy their weekly groceries at Kroger or shop for thematic crafting items in preparation for fall celebrations or early Christmas preparations at Hobby Lobby.

When something so totally consumes you personally like the loss of a loved one,  it's shocking to watch the total disregard of everyone around you.  Not that they knew this girl or her family, but, because of being so totally inside this loss, saturated by it - it's hard to watch as traffic drives by and people laugh walking down sidewalks...

I am speaking to both myself and you as I encourage you this day to really 'see' what's around you.  Consider what others may be dealing with and have the mind of Christ always considering others before yourselves -

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