Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekend Report: Crossroads Chapter 2

This weekend is the weekend that begins Chapter 2 of Crossroads officially.

We called our second pastor - David Vance.  He also informed his current congregation today that he was leaving.

So crazy how there can be such rejoicing on one hand and such loss on the other.  While our congregation clapped I can imagine it was quite a different reaction in his current ministry.

I am SO thankful for strong leadership that never wavered - and a healthy ministry ready to move forward...and so we worshiped!  And it was topped off by baptizing 8 people this weekend!

Pastor Brian - our interim pastor has been an amazing gift from God!

The praise team lead us so strongly!

Our setlist:
Prayer Video

Announcements & Welcome on video

Down To The River and Pray
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
Man of Sorrows

Pastor Search Update - Chairman of the Elders - Mike Sloan

Celebration Song:  God Is Able

Message:  Choices:  Pt. 2 Choose Prayer

Exit Song:  God Is Able

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