Saturday, October 4, 2014


Tonight I lead our services at Crossroads Community Church.  Am I ready?

The responsibility of leading goes much deeper than simply showing up and doing a job.   My position allows me the ability and right to give orders, make suggestions and just plain boss people around.   But, that's far from leadership.

The result of good leadership means someone is following you.

Do they follow because of a job description?  Yes, if they are paid to!   Otherwise not for long.

My prayer for myself tonight is to lead by example, to lead by caring for even the smallest details and by loving those I lead, and most of all by being pleasing to my Savior.

And only through prayer and humility - to play a small part in bringing alive the Gospel message to many.  To visually and audibly engage every sense of their need for a Savior through our services.

"I need thee, oh I need thee...every hour I need thee, bless me now my Savior I come to thee."

Please join us at Crossroads this weekend and meet the only one who can meet your needs...

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