Monday, October 6, 2014

my day off

I often joke about once we create and execute a service at Crossroads, I forget about it.  No matter how dynamic if I'm not careful to be fully engaged it can become a 'checked off item'.

This morning as I enjoyed (kind of) a cup of instant coffee, (anyone who knows me knows this could potentially ruin my day - (Crossroads' Coffee House did not have any bags of Lousanteville to purchase yesterday).. I'm still relishing yesterday's services at Crossroads.

The process of 'team' means all the names of 'who did what', disappears into a seamless crescendo of effort completed as the worship comes pouring out of the congregation in response to God's touch on our week's work.  For the God of the Universe to allow our team to participate in this ending to our week's labor causes a praise to build up within me - never to be adequately expressed.

 Tomorrow I turn my attempts toward Christmas - please pray for a break through!

Before I begin to craft the pieces of a crucial service like our Christmas services, I feel completely overwhelmed and unworthy.  But, as I cover the pieces in prayer - God's assurance washes over me and reminds me that all He expects is one pieces, one attempt, one try at a time.  All I have to do is build the framework and invite the team in - and together we complete it.  No service is one persons' efforts or ideas, it's always collaborative or it will hold no appeal or value to the masses.

So on my day off - I just listen to and look at all the Christmas pieces I've collected in my desktop folder all year long.  The pieces that could possibly fit together to form what we've dreamed of, or could simply become pieces that lead us on
to other things - things not yet discovered.

Please pray that Christmas at Crossroads will be a pouring out of prayerful work that fills eyes with wonder and hearts with understanding of the new born King...

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