Friday, October 10, 2014

another day is done

I am sitting in my bed because I'm so dead tired, taking care of some email and going to sleep early!

Looking back over my day, I wondered if there was anything positive and of lasting eternal value at all?

I woke up with a headache after the pie baking evening at Crossroads last night.  (Wendell and Jeff are sure it was the sugar!)  Because of not feeling great I slept an extra hour then went straight to the Crossroads Directors meeting.

I love this group of people more than I can describe!  They care about what's going on in our ministry and in one another's lives.  And they challenge me personally.  Today was no exception.  I always leave thinking...

I went immediately to a lunch meeting with a technical genius guy and Arnie, and it was also very stimulating!  I again left there thinking!  I hope this meeting results in new friendships!

Next I cooked dinner at home for my hubby and son Eric, we enjoyed having him with us  - I cannot even begin to describe how often I praise the Lord that I have a Godly family following Him!

And now I find myself thinking about all the thinking I did today.

Was this day as God intended my day to be?  Do I just turn my days into what pleases me?  How many pointless - possibly hurtful words came out of my mouth today?


It's funny what some consider one of my gifts can also be my biggest weakness.

They are one of two things - either a blessing or a curse.

If there is anything between those two extreems it may be pointless words I guess - that sound a lot like BLA -BLA - BLA to those in ear shot.

Oh how I want especially my spoken words to draw others toward the Lord or toward a Godly decision in our ministry, or however He needs them to lead others...

I pray you hear the words deep in my heart tonight Lord - the words no one else will ever hear.  May those hidden words always be the deep longing for you that I feel right now.

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