Thursday, October 9, 2014

the 'looks' of ministry

I don't know about any of your ministries, but ours constantly looks different and in many cases unexpected!

Tonight was no exception - 5 of my friends and myself, offered a pie making class and it was quite the hit!   I only HOPE their pies turn out ok when they bake them at home tonight!

But what I watched tonight was worth any work that was done, or any other work that wasn't does as the case may be - because we saw a large church become small as ladies learned from one another and laughed and ate together. 

Here is some of what you missed if you weren't at Crossroads tonight.

Ready and donning an apron!
Friends with different pies!

My good friends preparing for the evening

Peeling fresh apples

new friends

Staring with Prayer.

Jean demonstrating her - bake in the paper bag apple pie!

Jocelyn did it, perfect crust!
It was very good to be in the House of the Lord tonight, and I'm thankful to all the gals that came out - more good times to come!

PS>  The only negative was I didn't realize on the other side of the wall from us was our Healthy Beginnings Class ...I heard rumors that several girls that were supposed to be in that HEALTHY Class attended ours instead!  Whoops!

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