Sunday, August 3, 2014

We all worship something

Whenever you sacrifice to go on a missions trip you will be confronted with many things.  

You'll feel overly blessed with what you have back home - almost guilty when you see how content the people you're ministering to are with so much less.

And you'll be tested with burdens or concerns that should be turned over to the Lord but fight to remove your focus from what God longs to teach you on your time away.

Being down to my last day in Battambang I realize what my self-examination must be.  It's to honestly answer - what do I worship?   As a believer the very reason I was created was to worship Him, and if I take my eyes off of Him - if they drift toward other things, then those things become the object of my worship!

In the most remote village I've ever been to, I found evidence of the need to worship.  In the midst of nothing -an idol existed.  

Remnants of little sacrifices were left behind by a god that cannot fill the emptiness or fear that exists in the hearts of these people.  

This challenged my heart to ask - what do worship?  

 Is it honestly the Lord, based on how I fill my days?

Could it be my family?  My church?  My opinion?


The very fact I'm asking indicates idols exist in my life - I can never criticize the physical idols I see in Cambodia because they are honest about them.  What's far more dangerous are the hidden idols that exist even in the lives of the children of the one true God... 

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