Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the day goes by

It doesn't take long for the euphoria of ministering to children who love you unconditionally to give-way to the rapid pace of moving forward.

I've lost the wonder of those eyes somewhere deep within the pile of my papers and folders…  I need them back again.

They've been replaced by many emergencies and plans and amazing things, it's just that I'm moving too fast to really see them.  I must slow the day…

Therein lies the battle - should I celebrate when the first time I look at the clock it's 4:40 p.m. - another day closer to eternity?

Or do I mourn the loss of yet another day.   It all depends on the content.

Today's frantic-ness was composed of mostly unschedule meetings, but they were meetings with people I value and people I do life with and people I respect.  These impromptu meetings lead to care for people, plans in place, and a few tears.  Things and people that make up my life.

It never fails when I take 2 steps forward in leadership - learning and striving for more excellence, I feel the push back from the enemy.  What is the Lord trying to teach me - I think I'm open - I don't think anything is in the way that He needs to remove?  But, I must be wrong because the push is hard.

And so tonight I lay my life in His hands, I ask for continued leading and direction on my life and this leads to praise I cannot stop.  How much, very much I have to be grateful for, I become overwhelmed by Him - covered by Him - and now I sleep in Him.

the day goes by...

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