Thursday, August 7, 2014

To pass the time

On these long flights bringing us home from Cambodia - I have watched movies to pass the time.

One old movie I had never seen before was The Last Emperor. 

It caused me to sit afterward and marvel again at how mankind makes the same errors over and over again.

From the beginning of time every sin and problem has been caused by man himself.  Usually over a struggle to be in charge or out of a desire to make his own decisions instead of yielding to the only true God - the only one who can offer us satisfaction and eternal fulfillment.

Seek ye First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these thing will be added unto you...

Read this verse.  Meditate on this verse...

 It solves ALL the world's problems, it brings everlasting peace, it puts us right in the middle of God's will and let's us abide there.

If every day, every hour we Seek First the Kingdom of God, then we'll spend our day abiding in Him - He will control our words and actions - He will be pleased with us and His Kingdom can be established through us.

In the movie The Last Emperor - the young boy at 3 was appointed emperor and over and over asked or stated that 'he could do whatever he wanted' - he could force people to do whatever he wanted - he had people waiting on him hand and foot- and yet the only thing he really wanted he could never have...freedom from it all.  When you have too much, material things, power, or wealth you are perhaps the biggest slave of all.

Later in his life his kingdom fell - he was imprisoned - he lost all material things.  And his title meant nothing to the new society in which he found himself.  Sadly this is the situation even the most powerful of our time will find themself in if they are outside The Lord.

God allows this creation He created, to rise up and fight and destroy one another over the desire to rule, or to Seek Him First...  

Funny how a secular movie can reveal a deep spiritual battle and just assume they're only telling a story.

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