Friday, August 29, 2014


 I have always received the most relaxation and most physical grasp of The Lord outside in nature.  But there is one sound and site that fills me up more than any other location or audio - even more than my deck - waves!

I pay very close attention to sound - I love listening to voices often choosing someone for an audio recording just overhearing a conversation some where.  I love electronic music because I'm fascinated by the sounds I hear that I've never heard in my life before.  I love my families' noise - it's mostly the sound of laughing!  But the sound of waves has no comparison in the instant therapy-like affect it has on me!

God's genius is displayed in the waves - the consistency of tides, the rhythm and lapping they produce and the breathtaking life they conceal is simply a stroke of brilliance in it's self-sustaining ability and reproductive capabilities.  

 I'm convinced however, one of the main reasons He created it was for the therapeutic value it processes for us. 

Go somewhere and listen to the waves and you'll offer Him praise and thankfulness!

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