Wednesday, August 27, 2014

you realize you're empty

There are several things that getting away does.

One of those things is it allows you to realize you're empty.

I have enjoyed this time away more than most I've had in recent years and it's because it's so simple.  No decisions more serious then 'where should we eat' ?

When your life gets too full, everything feels like a major decision or event.  Every nook and cranny of thinking space gets clogged.

And when something is full it means there isn't room for something else.   And the something could be the greatest thing, and you miss it.

God's greatest teaching times often happened when the rest of the world was shut out - when someone was forced out or forced in..

Blindness, belly of a whale, wilderness, the center of a storm, on a fish-less boat...

I'm listening...I'm alone...I'm resting in Him and praying to simplify

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