Thursday, May 1, 2014

what I learned today

Normally every Tuesday I try to intentionally learn something. 

What I learned this week has come a little later, and it wasn't pretty.

In this time of transition at Crossroads it's surprisingly been a revealing time about myself.

I find I'm very defensive toward any new ideas concerning my area of responsibility.   I wondered why I felt so discouraged - brushing it off as just being sad over the loss of one of my favorite families in the entire world, the Armstrongs.  But, I realized that wasn't it at all - in fact that sadness has exposed my real issues.

Although my job involves constant change and being on the lookout for what no longer is affective and to make any changes needed, I was satisfied and enjoying the safety and security of my position and my roll.  The ministry has not changed, it's still securely based on the promises of God's Word and in fact we are seeing new families every weekend - so we are very encouraged and ready for what God will bring.

But, when God removes normal, it all becomes much more real and much more unsettling.  I think He likes us to dwell in that place - because it requires reliance on Him.

I've learned again this week after spending extended time with Him, that I need Him desperately.  And that His normal is all I want for my life...ever!

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