Sunday, May 18, 2014

weekend report

Well, in 18 years of ministry I never thought this weekend would have to come.  But the Lord called our pastor away and this weekend was the celebration of all the things God has accomplished at Crossroads in those 18 years.   So sad to say goodbye - so good to remember what God has done - so sad to sing together one last time, watch videos together one last time and sit at the front of the auditorium together one last time…

But the thing that I continue to celebrate in my own soul is how well Pastor Tim and his family are leaving us.   I've never been part of a ministry where a pastor has left well!  It's encouraging, it makes me proud of them and gives me hope for the future!

Our Service and weekend farewell:
Our amazing choir and praise team

staff - elders farewell party

Wendell hosting our staff and elders

saying goodbye to faithful Worship guy Dan & Corrine

saying goodbye - Kristen

Our staff - 

Hit of the party - the Tim Bobble-head

Our Setlist:

Countdown full of photos
Video farewell:  Pastor Dave Pound
Long Train Running- instrumental with photos
Dallas Theological Professor Video:  Professor Hannah
Song: 2014 Songs of the Year Mashup
Song: Help Is On The Way - Michael W. Smith
Worship: A Mighty Fortress is Our God
                 10,000 Reasons
                  Blessed Be The Name
2 Stories from our congregation video:  Crawfis' & Rudricks'
Song: Thank You For Being a Friend with photos
Rick Muchow and Jason Allison video
Video collage:  Mother's Day - Cooking promo - Elvis
Pastor Tim says goodbye
Elders prayer of commission
Song:  He Is Able

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