Monday, May 12, 2014

my day off

We began by cleaning out all that was left over from our garage sale and finished the day by going to Easton.

Quite a contrast!  Garage sale junk - Easton!

Anyway, it's quite clear we have too much stuff!

How I can fill a car twice with stuff to sell, and still there is no see-able difference in my house- it is shameful!

A few people went home with treasures but many other treasures just got donated to get rid of them!

I wonder if it honors God when He sees how many things I have in my home?   Does He care?

I guess if we're not in debt for what we have, and serve the less fortunate and tithe and give as God requires, then maybe it's ok…I'm just not convinced.  I've been feeling for quite some time that we should live a more minimalistic life…  I may look into this more - I'll start by being honest before the Lord.

Who would have thought a simple garage sale could be SO convicting!

…I'm glad it's over!

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