Thursday, May 8, 2014

out with 100 of my girlfriends

One of the things church should be is a place to connect with others, to make friends to do life with, who love the Lord as you do, who struggle with life as you do…
Tonight me and over 100 of my best girlfriends from Crossroads Community Church all went to see "Mom's Night Out" movie!  It was a blast!   

I got the Crossroads girls to do the wave…well, kind of

The movie was hilarious, but also encouraging and honest about motherhood.  It brought to mind those familiar memories of helplessness and frustration with the day to day care of our kids.  I remembered many days when I felt as if I never accomplished anything and what I was doing didn't matter.

It did.

But it was also SO encouraging to all young mom's out there and to see the entire theatre just filled with Crossroads women!  It was a great night of fellowship and WAY too much popcorn!!

We'll be planning more activities soon for all the girls!

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