Monday, May 12, 2014

weekend report

This past weekend marked an almost unbelievable time in the history of Crossroads Community Church

Our beloved founding pastor, and ONLY pastor of Crossroads for the past 18 years - Tim Armstrong,  is stepping down, it was his final sermon this weekend.

So with a mixture of thankfulness for the amazing things God has used this beloved man to accomplish, and sadness over a lost pastor, friend and the unknown that follows, we say thank you for faithfully teaching us!!

Next weekend we'll take a look back at the past 18 years and try really hard to focus on the souls who have been reached for eternity instead of our own personal loss of Pastor Tim and his family…

Our setlist:

Announcements on video:  We launched our 80 hour - read-thru-the-Bible event PROPEL sign-ups to read!

We began worship with an ancient reading that sat the tone for our worship...

God Be Praised
Praise the Father Praise the Son
Here in Your Presence
Message:  Last Words - Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit Song:

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Have a blessed week and pray for our ministry as we search for our next Senior Pastor!

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