Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vanessa's prayer

Vanessa Ragozzine wrote this beautiful prayer that she shared with us as we traveled on our bus the other day.  It's been awesome getting to know the team intimately as they share from the depths of their hearts.

Vanessa's prayer

Thank you Lord that you use us
that you teach us and grow us
thank you that you have given us
the talents and skills that you have, 
And the opportunity to come here and use them to glorify You
and to help the children - they are so special and so smart.

Thank you for Asia's Hope and Crossroads.
I see so much talent and potential in these children 
that would go untapped and wasted if no one had found them.

They are the future 
they will do something great Lord to 
please you and glorify you!

We pray that you continue to guide us Lord and challenge us -
That you challenge us to be at our best for you Lord.
We pray that these opportunities to bless and love others
continue for us so we can continue to make a difference and
"do something" as you wish Lord.

In Jesus name amen!

Vanessa is serving for the first time on our Cambodia team from Crossroads  - she has blessed us all tremendously!!

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