Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dave's thoughts

The following are the thoughts of Dave Huber from our Monday in Battambang...

Today was the first day we had an opportunity to spend much time with the Asia's Hope children.  It was amazing to see the personal growth of these children and young adults!

I am feeling so blessed that God has allowed me first hand to see the positive change and influence we are being used to make in their lives through God's love and provision.

The sense of family is prevelant in the homes and it's exciting to see how God's plan is unfolding in this country !  

Aaron started our day off with a devotional study of I John.  Showing God's love is synonymous with loving God.  Loving on these children is so easy because they are so open to it.  We as Christians must always try to convey His love to all.  

It's also amazing to see how the campus has grown since I was there last!  I have really been missing my good friend Don Kuenzli who I spent a lot of time with the last time I was here...

The afternoon was filled with a tour of the campus and with children during their lunch break from school. In the evening we had pizza with BB7 AND dinner with BB3.  We were stuffed!!!

At 7:00 p.m. We went to our children's first ever music recital in the worship center and they were pumped up to perform for us even though for many students it was their first time to perform on these instruments ever!  A testimony to the hard work going on over here in Cambodia!

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