Friday, February 21, 2014

The celebration begins...

We arrived at 10:30 Phnom Penh time after traveling 32 hours and they were waiting with flowers and hugs and much celebration!!!  

I personally almost didn't let go of Aaron and Jocelyn... Ever !!  Such a huge blessing to see them again!  (We should have gone straight to bed - we only get about 5 hours of sleep tonight - but we talked until 1:30 am)!

Anytime we go on a mission trip bad things happen - 

As many of you know by now I found out my 45 year old brother had a massive heart attack almost the exact same time we were leaving for Cambodia.  They are continuing to keep him on a ventilator - unconscious for another day - so devastating not to be home with him and my parents.

 My nephew and his fianc√© also had their baby while we were in the air... 

But when you have Godly parents they are not selfish- despite how devistated my mom was she said " you're where God wants you - go"!

And so we went - 

please keep our whole team in your prayers!  

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