Tuesday, February 18, 2014

preparing to go

To go on a trip to Cambodia requires so much more preparation then just packing to travel, you must be willing to give your heart away!

It's because of this that this trip forces you to consider if your life is focused on what's most important - and that is to give your life away.  Just as Jesus did.

I heard someone recently excitedly talking about how they are living and working just for retirement.  It occurred to me when I heard it that retirement has never entered my mind.  At least not the kind of retirement where you move somewhere warm and sit in a beautiful house.  Now don't get me wrong - I know the time to step down from my current position will come allowing the brilliant creative young adults preparing for ministry to step in.  But, what a life full of giving we can have long after our 'jobs' end... In fact if we live well within our means maybe we can be ready to go wherever God calls us!  That's what I pray for - to always be ready...

Please pray for us as we leave early Thursday morning
- we'll need it as we explore what God has waiting for us and as we wrap our arms around little ones who are waiting for us.  And as I grab my daughter and her husband and celebrate the amazing opportunities God has laid before them!

May God richly bless you Crossroads - we have no idea how many, many people God is using our ministry to touch for eternity!!

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