Sunday, February 23, 2014

A unique learning

Being taught

I John,taught by my kids,workers,Learning

You're never too old to learn- today was a unique learning experience in Cambodia.  As workers worked all around us - we studied together!  

I was taught by my kids.  

Aaron our son-in-law lead our team devotions from I John and it was amazing to watch and amazing to learn.

The thoughts that went through my mind ... I have prayed for this man since my daughter was born ...while I held her in my arms I prayed that God would protect her and choose the man He had created just for her and He did!

I am filled with thankfulness for my kids and their spouses - I learn from all of them every time I'm with them!  

It's such a role reversal, humbling and gratifying - to be taught by my kids.... God is good!

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