Friday, February 7, 2014

the generations worship

One thing I love about Crossroads is it allows multiple generations to worship together all in one place.

Although we see the value in dividing people up on the weekend so that the very young can worship very simply and youth can worship with the styles they love and the main auditorium includes versions of old hymns with today's more contemporary praise songs, we all need to worship together some times.  That's why I loved Christmas with no children's ministries - families of all generations sat in our auditorium soaking in what Christmas really means and expressed themselves with singing or the very young jumping and didn't matter it was the praise of all the generations.

Psalms 148:7 talks about ...Young men and women alike, Old and young together!

Can we not only 'tolerate' different styles of music but embrace them when we see 'different generations joining as one totally caught up in the ONE whose glory overwhelms us'?

I can't wait to worship corporately tonight at the orphans conference I will be attending, people leaving all differences behind them as they join together to do as God commanded - care for the orphans and widows...such a privilege!

Have a blessed day!

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