Wednesday, February 5, 2014

today's prayer

I enjoyed the privilege of being home all day yesterday!  Well, except for a quick trip to Walmart to get a couple of things for the 'big' storm!  And I did attend the Ken Ham live stream.  And now the 'big' storm is here providing another day at home much to my delight! 

Living next to a ski resort, the cars are steady and driving at almost a regular speed, so it's hard to judge why everything is closed down...but, I'm not asking any questions I LOVE being snowed in so much!

I began the morning by talking with our daughter and son-in-law in Cambodia.   Well, mostly my daughter, all I could see most of the time was my son-in-law's feet in a hammock- it's time for bed over there.

Now, if the Lord will open my mind to organized creativity I would LOVE to get Easter finished so the teams can begin to work on details while I'm in Cambodia.  I feel SO overwhelmed at times with the responsibility of planning quality services that the most difficult part is simply to begin.  The snow provides that opportunity today and I'm already in a mindset of worship looking at this magnificent snow fall across our property.

So I thought I'd write my prayer this morning so you could repeat it with me asking the Lord to fill our days with Him - whatever our responsibilities may be today!

Lord, PLEASE completely control my mind as I open it to your work.  May every moment of this precious day be filled with a surrendering of my own will to bring glory to you through everything I touch today.

Let your endless creativity so move me that the results of everything I work on clearly magnifies You and could not be created by man.

Thank you for the beautiful snow which brings rest, and a day away from rushing, and worry, and minimal accomplishment.  

I love you Lord.


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