Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time to think

We finally got all of our errands run today - just details we needed to take care of.  So I find myself back at the hotel with time to actually think before we eat yet again.

This trip is different from the other 3 because I'm super interested in spending time with my daughter Jocelyn and son-in-law Aaron while not wanting to miss anything else at the same time.  I LOVE our team - everyone has been a blessing to be with!  That has made it easy to enjoy our kids while leading at the same time.

I think what sticks out to me so far is how much I take those around me I desperately love - both friends and family for granted.  You never know when something will change or they no longer will be easily accessible.  

These rescued children I love in Cambodia are testimony to the fact that many people are alone or abandoned or helpless and I'm praising The Lord that I am surrounded by supportive, loving family and friends and know I have many brothers and sisters in Christ that care for me.

Today as we walked the trails that thousands of helpless people were marched on as the Khmer Rouge forced them toward the killing caves, we were reminded that entire families were killed together. People that lived a normal life one day were exterminated the next mostly by child soldiers.  It was a grim reminder of just how deprived we are without The Lord - capable of unimaginal things if not a child of God.  

The piles of skulls were all that remained of innocent people, an entire generation nearly wiped out only to satisfy the insane desires of a sinful ruler trying to gain control over an entire civilization.  How the heart of God must grieve over what His creation is capable of....

This trip has brought me perspective on what's truly important and makes me determined to remain in God's pace when I get back instead of the distractions that move me 100 mph past everything that really matters!  

Jocelyn encouraged us in our devotions today to release what we try to control - the image of a fist was used as the symbol for our selfish desire to control.  I want to live in His power only - releasing what only He should control and loving those He's blessed me with in my life.  Resting in Him...

The team down in the cave.

Precious innocent lives lost at the cruel hand of power hungry men.

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