Tuesday, April 9, 2013

what I learned today

My sunshine has returned to Ohio.  The sunshine that encourages me outside where I feel most connected to my God...in the midst of His creation!

I'm currently reading a marriage book called, "Beyond Ordinary" that I can't put down as well as a  daily reading in "A Quiet Place". 

Beyond our personal spiritual maturity increasing, and the time with Our God that requires - our marriages take extraordinary effort. As my hubby and I celebrate 35 years of marriage this September, I'm more committed than ever before not to let it slip into easy, or auto-pilot or into assuming we're both fulfilled and living to our full potential.  Submitting and serving one another daily takes being ALL - IN.  And the challenge of marriage is to remain what you personally should be in the eyes of God, not constantly hoping for your spouse to change!

Think about that for a moment, could your marriage possibly fail if you both are committed to being as spiritually mature in the Lord individually as He desires us to be? 

I'm not suggesting that removes all conflict and trouble, but what it does do is provide the necessary maturity in Him allowing us to respond to trouble properly - as God would respond.  We lash out at one another, are dissatisfied with one another when we aren't what WE should be.  To look at ourselves with discernment and honestly, is perhaps the greatest challenge.   Start today - work on yourself and you'll be surprised how you see your relationship change.  Take care of your own shortcomings and stand before the Lord with nothing but submission and honesty.

Let's all work to make our marriage in Him one of the areas that draw others to Him - allow others to see what God intended marriage based in Him to be!

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