Thursday, April 25, 2013


It feels like I spend every minute of every day preparing.

Preparing myself for the day - shower, fresh clothes and LOTS of makeup.
Prepare to learn something - study.
Preparing laundry so we have something to wear.
Preparing food so that we can eat.
Preparing the dog so that we can spend the day away.
Preparing smoothies so we get the fruit and veggies we need.
Preparing emails so that needed communication can be completed.
Prepare for meetings so that I don't waste others' time.
Prepare for the weekends insuring that all the details are clearly understood by everyone.
Preparing the teams to lead our congregation in worship.
Preparing dinner to begin our night at home.
Preparing for bed.

And so it goes on and on - not sure I ever see anything end?

What a blessing to have purpose, to have something to do, to have to get up...

I am thankful today that I CAN prepare.

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