Sunday, April 28, 2013


I've been away the past few days at a music festival in North Carolina. It's been good to be away!

I'm not trying to get away from anything in particular - just a time of 'away'.

We all need 'away', and my away is coming to an end, but the time off was good, so good! It was a time not to plan, not to decide, not to think - instead I got to just listen - eat and discover the history of a whole genre of music that I have never known before. I walked around discovering new bands and watching artists work all while enjoying food that isn't good for me and hanging out with my hubby and friends!

My next away comes for a few days in June and I look forward it already. For now I head home and can be thankful for this short away...

What 'aways' do you all have planned?

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