Friday, April 19, 2013

an enjoyable evening

I was tired today and wasn't sure I would be good company tonight for the guests coming to our house.  And then they arrived.

My hubby and I have had the privilege of spending time with a beautiful family from Mexico that attends Crossroads.  I loved this evening with them.

The Perez family moved here for the father, Sergio's job.  A couple of their children are now attending local schools - trying their hardest to really learn English and to become acclimated to our everyday life here.  Their English is still very broken and they work hard to keep up and to learn, to be accepted and to make new friends.  Their mother stays home all day with the youngest daughter and I need to do things with her during the week - I want to spend time with her!

God lead this family to Crossroads and I am so very thankful He did.

As we sat and laughed over pizza and cookies and coffee - we pulled out some of our own children's old toys and watched as a little 3 year old girl that we had trouble understanding smiled and played.  And I knew that there was no other way I would have preferred spending my night.

I am blessed beyond description.  I am introduced to precious people that our Lord loves almost weekly, a privilege I do not take for granted.

Although I was very tired, I loved my Friday evening!

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