Monday, April 22, 2013

my day off

I stood outside this morning with Vern, and it occurred to me I could actually accomplish a lot of studying, especially the Bible while I sit outside with him.  To take the time to sit and study from God's Word is the highest form of worship I can offer Him -instead I find myself thinking of study after part of the frenzy of my day has already taken place.  Sad.

As I thought of my faith I realized whenever my faith comes to mind, it's often in a negative way.

  • I haven't spent enough time with Him - fully focused
  • The people being tortured and held against their will around the world because of their Christian faith makes me worry about WHEN we will lose our freedom to worship in USA
  • The horrible news that is delivered in such a sensational, and always negative way blasts from every TV station and radio station - bending my thinking to always assume the worst
  • In ministry we often only hear from people when there are problems or illness - causing us to dread phone calls 
  • Prayer requests in the ministry are almost always negative and often hopeless
  • terrorist activity

When did my faith become focused on only negative - earthly things?

It is tough to not get caught up in this dying sinful world of negativity, but that's not what Christ offers.

He offers the escape!  Not an escape from the illness and sin and difficulty of the earth, but He offers the only escape - a perfect eternity - a cause greater then what man can imagine.  With Him we can face the very same negative news and circumstances and talk of the peace and joy found only in Christ.  Turn our mission in life toward presenting the alternative perspective and hope.

I take a vow to turn off the negativity and remain in Him fully.  May my day off be committed to encouraging others and taking EVERY SINGLE opportunity to present the only true HOPE found in my Savior!   Have a blessed day!

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