Thursday, April 18, 2013

network down

Road Trip!
When we left this Sunday after the services, we left our computers behind.  There was work to be down on our network and all sorts of upgrading I guess.  What did that mean to all of us?  We really did have to take a couple days off!  Horrifying!

Fortunately for me it was my birthday so my hubby took me out of town for a day and I rather enjoyed not being attached to work or anything else computer/internet related!

But, as of now - the last few adjustments have been made and we are back up and running!  Our guys are great!

While 'down' I asked myself why I miss it when I don't write?  Can't what I have to say wait?

Of course it can wait, however, when my mind becomes fulls of words I become frustrated if I cannot put them on paper, or on screen or just plain out of my head!

In regard to my writing, I never dreamed that anyone would read more than once, I never planned for it to cross over years and continue, I thought it was perhaps just therapeutic for me.  And it is!

All that to say, I thought I would summarize the past couple of days I missed writing about and move on to gathering information, ideas and experiences to discuss for tomorrow!

My Day Off:  Monday
My hubby had hoped to take me away over-night but a gentleman passed away that specifically asked for him to do his funeral.  There was no way we could say no!

We then worked on flower beds after the funeral duties were complete - just raking and preparing no planting yet

We picked up dinner and sat and watched TV for a little while before colapsing!

What I Learned:  (my typical Tuesday writing)
I learned that birthdays CAN still be fun!

My hubby took me on a car ride to several small towns that had fun shopping and dining and we just drove slowly and talked and ate and bought a couple things.

We returned in the evening after having a great day together!

So that catches you up.  The computer is back and I'll try to start writing again daily.

AND, thanks for reading have a blessed evening!

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