Monday, February 18, 2013

everyone is gifted

I don't know if another organization exists on the earth that provides opportunity to use everyone's giftedness like the church does.

The church cannot operate in it's fullest capacity without the gifts and talents of the congregation.  It was created to 'need' everyone and it provides opportunity for each person attending to serve in an area they love and are equipped to

Today I witnessed this in action.

setting up to photograph all the art
3 or our talented Crossroads' artists helped me prepare for the auction on Friday.  One of them, James is not only an artist but brilliant with soft-ware, creating website all things I have no concept of - and so, we photographed art and listed art and uploaded it to the webpage he created for us.  silent auction bidding

The other artists who also provided gorgeous art items for sale - worked to organize everything and prepare every item for photographing.  Something that would have taken me 2 days to accomplish alone.  Together they worked as a team - each one using their gifts and talents.  It was awesome to watch!

Elsewhere in the church was Greg constructing things, and hanging things and making sure everything everywhere was running smoothly!  Helping us with anything we needed.  A blessing to serve with!

I also saw people gifted at hospitality preparing for a class that would take place later in the day - making sure each item needed was ready and waiting.

I could go on and on - but you get my point...  The church needs what each of you are talented to do!  You weren't created that way just to keep it to yourself !  Bless the entire congregation at Crossroads by  serving in the area that you are the most excellent at, not just ok, your most talented area and see how God uses you!  I dare you!

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