Wednesday, February 6, 2013

several reasons to get out

There are several reasons that it's good to 'get out' of your normal.

Yesterday I got to go with a team to Community Christian Church in the Chicago area loving called "the yellow box".  It was good to get out.

I learned new things, but the biggest encouragement was receiving confirmation from another 'larger' ministry that we are doing so many things well here at Crossroads!  That was a blessing.

You lose perspective when you are inside the same place all the time.  You begin to wonder what else you should be doing, or you become discouraged by no obvious benefit to others from your work.

We of course are called to serve, to obey the Lord whatever that looks like and I will always try to live within obedience, but, serving can become so routine - so required that you occasionally cannot see the reason.

So yesterday was refreshing and encouraging and informative and good!  Now...on to this day facing the normal with renewed determination and surrender!

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