Sunday, February 17, 2013

weekend report

Oh my goodness...this weekend...breathtaking as we baptized 16 people during our worship services.

waiting backstage for baptism
Father's baptizing their children, teacher baptizing a student from public schools that they've poured their lives into and pastors baptizing the flock...breathtaking!

Recruiting for multi-site launch coming up on Easter - help needed in all areas to make this possible.  It's going really well - people are excited!

Recruiting starts young - see behind drums!
Meeting following the services:

Galion Multi-Site meeting with Pastor Jeff in The Coffee House - full house!  So exciting!

Pastor Jeff Schultheis getting the Galion troops fired up!

A church is born!  Watch out Galion here we come!

Go Mission team also met planning the next projects and receiving amazing updates from Cambodia and around the globe as well as our local Go Mission partners!  So thankful for the congregations support!

This Friday our first Art Silent Auction in support of one of our local partners - praying for big attendance!  You will be able to preview the art Tuesday morning - I'll post the link on my blog and on the Crossroads website Tuesday!

Our setlist:

Welcome/announcements on video - host/Leah Hart our Elementary/4th and 5th grade coordinator

Where I Belong - Building 429    We used this to transition out of announcements and get the choir on
Everyday - Brewster
The Whole Earth - Gateway
Here In Your Presence - New Life
My Savior Lives - New Life
Teaching on video to show the congregation what it will be like at a Multi-Site - Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit song - My Savior Lives

To watch our services on line on Monday - or to check out the Art Silent Auction go to

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