Saturday, February 16, 2013


This morning I made my way into my living room to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine coming through my windows!  As I walked it was interesting to notice all the things the sun revealed.

I swept and dusted last night and went to bed feeling good about the state of my house.  But the sunshine revealed things I never saw in the dark...a web.

I was extremely surprised it was hanging in my clean living room, but there it was - the sparkling thin silver strands of a spider's web.  I walked by it repeatedly last night and never knew it was there, but that didn't mean it wasn't.

With all the doom and gloom we hear reported daily -  it's easy to think our life is pretty clean and good in comparison to the evil we see played out in front of us.  It's not.

Hidden sin lurks in all of us.  Is it jealousy, bitterness, mistrust, pornography?  It is just as ugly as public sin.  And it is waiting to be revealed.

Revelation can occur several ways - willingly confessed or eventually, revealed accidentally-when you don't get your story straight and people begin to question your integrity or in an attitude that becomes defensive.  A sure sign of hidden sin.

It made me search my heart.  I've been struggling with some people in my life recently, privately harboring disappointment that I feel leading me toward resentment.  I confessed that today,  and I'll continue to look inward trying desperately to discover and confess what's there instead of becoming bitter and unusable.

I pray today that there are no hidden webs within you. They hurt no one but you until they begin to seep into your everyday - confess them and run into the arms of the only one who has the ability to truly make you spotless while taking you as you are!  

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