Saturday, February 9, 2013

giving to get

I've been thinking and praying about the Crossroads Multi-site launches.  I think it's exactly the direction God is leading us, especially when I see the amount of attacks the enemy is launching at us!

I've noticed in the formation of the plan it includes a lot of giving.  I don't mean financial giving, although that is part of it as well, but we have to be willing as a ministry to give a lot of what we have here to get a healthy multi-site up and running.

I talked to one of the girls that I DEARLY love tonight who will be committing to help with the first launch.  I will miss her terribly!  I don't want to 'give' her to the off-site campus, but I must in order to help facilitate what God has called us to do.

Why are we called to give things up before we can get?

Nothing is worth having when there is no cost involved.  At least I can't think of anything.

Some of our most dedicated, more precious people will be called 'to go' and that is going to be difficult.

As I struggled over the anxiety of having enough people to remain excellent, I felt God's reassurance that the best is yet to come.  That some may have to go before others will come.  Some of the leaving allows emptiness that other can fill and so His provision will come in His timing.  My worry has no affect on what will be, in fact it shows Him my limited vision and lack of trust.

Please join us in prayer as our people give of themselves in ways they may have never done before!  Together we will reach the uttermost parts of the world !

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