Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my day off

Surprisingly I'm still sitting on my couch - a rare accomplishment on my day off - but, a welcomed one.

I'm working on our next series after Easter - it's gonna be a lot of fun!  But I'm also contemplating many things as a leader that I'd really rather not address.  They are largely positive things, but they require organization and implementation, and I have to admit, it would be nice for someone to just tell me what to do instead of me having to create the 'what to do'!  Leadership feels heavy sometimes!

The things on my list today to re-organize or create:

  1. Programming meeting organization for the next series 
  • although we are meeting to create it - there has to be a plan for the meeting to be successful, in order for it to produce what we have to have done by meetings' end.   
  • make sure all people attending the meeting know ahead of time all the details I have allowing them to research and come prepared 
      2.   Evaluation of Silent Auction

      3.   Recruit additional worship team members, to fill space left by our new Multi-Site locations

      4.  Finish Easter details
  • So different this year since we have to consider things that our multi-sites can duplicate!  Again a positive problem but one that needs considerable thought.
       5. Rehearsals also need to change slightly in order to carefully think through 'every detail' that    
           will be seen at the Multi-sites!

       6. Cedarville Youth Worship Workshop on Palm Sunday
  • We are going to honored by 6 young men studying to become worship leaders or studying in the area of music in a couple of weeks.  They are going to work with our youth worship team - a huge opportunity for our youth!  
  • But a lot of organizing must occur for this to happen:  housing, meals, youth contacted 
Leading in ministry these past 16 years has been the most difficult thing I've every done but outside my family, the very most rewarding thing I've ever done!!

Now that my blog is written - I'm organized - thanks for your help and for always listening to me!

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