Saturday, December 29, 2012

weekend already?

I don't understand how it can be the weekend again?

ok, so we didn't realize half the wall would come off!

There has never been a month like this December has been, when I have no idea what day it is.  Probably not a good thing.  This morning I got up and started helping Jocelyn tear old tile off the walls of her kitchen.   I am now exhausted and realized it's almost time to head to Crossroads again.

I am now trying to be intentional for the next couple hours to prepare my mind and heart for worship.

My point is - we have to PREPARE to receive- to apply it to our lives.  In Frances Chan's book "Crazy Love" he says, "We've conditioned ourselves to hear messages without responding.  Sermons have become Christian entertainment.  We go to church to hear a well-developed sermon and a convicting thought.  We've trained ourselves to believe that if we're convicted, our job is done.  If you're just hearing the Word and not actually doing something with it, you're deceiving yourself."

I refuse to be deceived.  I'm anxious to give the Lord whatever portion of my life He reveals that needs to change.  In just a few hours I once again have been given the unbelievable opportunity of sitting under a pastor's teaching.  I'm ready!

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