Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Each of our Magnification team received numerous compliments for the Christmas services at Crossroads.  People who personally know each one of us, thanked us and mentioned specific details from the services that particularly spoke to them.  They would go on about our work, our creativity or talents depending on what role we played.  We then each thanked them but went on to explain that we create and execute every service as a team.  Not one of us could produce what we do without every one of us.  EVERY one of us.  I am thankful for this team, I count it a privilege to be part of this team and I pray God allows us to serve together for many, many more years.  And most of all I pray our collaborations help to lead people to the thrown of God for all of eternity.

Now I am going to give into exhaustion and say goodnight, thank you for attending our services and please have a Merry Christmas!

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